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Ultra Edge XL Ingredients: Power Your Muscles

Ultra Edge XL is the secret to more intense workouts and mind-blowing muscle gains. Ultra Edge XL goes above and beyond traditional bodybuilding supplements to do more than just increase muscle mass; Ultra Edge XL completely overhauls the muscle development process to help you build lean muscle faster than you ever thought possible. The secret to Ultra Edge XL's success is its blend of potent natural ingredients.

So how does Ultra Edge XL help you build lean muscle, increase stamina and endurance, and reduce post-workout fatigue? BCAAs and Vitamin B6! But how do these ingredients work?

The BCAAs in Ultra Edge XL

Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are essential amino acids that are typically consumed as part of a healthy diet. There are 3 different BCAAS: leucine, isoleucine and valine. These powerful amino acids work in three ways to promote muscle development.

1. Building Blocks for Muscle Growth
Muscle tissue is made up of proteins and amino acids. Many people say that amino acids, especially BCAAs, are the building blocks for muscle growth. As a matter of fact, BCAAs make up one third of muscle tissue. Simply put, increased BCAA consumption is essential to increased muscle growth.

2. Amino Acid Metabolism for Increased Stamina
In addition to forming actual muscle tissue, BCAAs also provide energy for the muscles to fuel muscle contractions. These specialized amino acids are actually metabolized in the muscle and are converted into ATP. The muscles then use this ATP as energy for the necessary muscle contractions involved in all exercise. More BCAAs translates into more ATP production, which gives you the stamina to work out longer and harder and build more muscle.

3. Energy Production for Greater Endurance
On top of providing energy to the muscles directly, branched chain amino acids also promote fat burning for energy. During an intense workout, the body burns through its glycogen stores pretty quickly to sustain energy and momentum. Once these energy stores are depleted, the body needs to switch to a new source of energy quickly or you become fatigued. BCAAs promote fat oxidation to create more energy to stave off fatigue, giving you the endurance you need to power through even the most intense workout. Great endurance means more muscle gain.

Why Does Ultra Edge XL Contain Vitamin B6?

Simply put, Vitamin B6 increases the efficiency of BCAAs. Vitamin B6 is essential to amino acid and lipid metabolism, two of the main components of muscle development. The Vitamin B6 found in Ultra Edge XL promotes ATP synthesis to provide straining muscles with the energy they need to contract again and again to build rock hard muscle. It also helps increase fat oxidation to provide you the energy you need to power through an extra set of reps.

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