5 "Alpha" Amino Acids You Can't Lift Without

Anybody can walk into a gym and start lifting weights. But the real pros know that they won't get maximum results without proper nutrition. What you put into your body is just as - if not more - important than what you do with it. This is especially true if you're just starting out and need to pack on some serious muscle quick.

You can lift as much weight as you want, but if you don't give your muscles fuel to work and grow, then they're going to stay small and weak. And the best fuel you can give your muscles are amino acids. But different amino acids will do different things for your body, so it's important that you know which ones to look for when you're shopping for supplements.

Looking For Maximum Growth Results?

If you're ready to step up your workout game and lift with the big boys, make sure you're getting plenty of:

L-Arginine. L-Arginine is one of 20 naturally occurring amino acids, and it's an essential part of healthy human nutrition. This amino acid is important for muscle building and overall male enhancement because it is a precursor to NO (Nitric Oxide). When you have higher levels of NO in your bloodstream, it helps dilate blood vessels and enhances blood flow to all parts of your body. This not only pumps oxygen and essential nutrients into your muscle cells, but it can also lead to larger, harder erections.

L-Glutamine is one of the most plentiful amino acids which can be found in muscle tissue. But when you have a really intense workout, your muscles burn through lots of it very quickly, and it can take a week or more to recover all of that lost muscle fuel - unless you supplement with a Glutamine-rich bodybuilding stack, that is.

L-Glycine is the smallest, yet one of the most versatile and powerful amino acids in nature. This bad boy performs several different tasks which help give you energy and improve your performance. For starters, it regulates blood sugar so that your muscles have the fuel they need for intense training. It also improves brain function, and has been shown in studies to help people with chronic fatigue and sleep disorders feel alert and energized.

L-Ornithine is a part of something called "the urea cycle" in your body. Without enough L-Ornithine in your system to keep it running smoothly, you can't eliminate the waste products which pile up in your blood stream after intense workouts. And the longer these waste products linger in your body, the slower and more painful your recovery will be between training sessions.

L-Leucine is the amino acid you need in your body when you're ready to get shredded. This amino acid has been shown to increase fat loss more than diet and exercise alone. Also, it keeps your body from breaking down muscle tissue, ensuring that you get to keep all the massive gains you make at the gym.

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