This One Secret Ingredient Is Used by Only the Best Supplements

Well, technically, it's not actually a secret. In fact, we here at Ultra Edge XL are very proud of the fact that our supplement includes this wonderful ingredient. Without it, we'd have to resort to some of the other lame tactics that other, inferior supplements have to resort to in order to come close to being as effective as supplements like Ultra Edge XL are. What is this special ingredient? Well, we're glad you asked. And we're more than happy to explain it to you.

The Best Ingredient for Your Bodybuilding Supplement: AstraGin

If you're not using Ultra Edge XL, then you're probably using a less powerful supplement which does not contain AstraGin in it. First, let's start off by talking about what AstraGin is. AstraGin is what you get when you combine Panax Notoginseng and fractionated Astragalus. Together, these two compounds make it much easier for your body to absorb amino acids, vitamins, and glucosamine during the digestive process.

What does this mean for your workout? Well, first we have to start off by explaining one simple fact of life that not many people realize: not every single vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or sugar molecule which you ingest gets absorbed and utilized by your body. Anything from a stomach acid imbalance to poor gut health or even taking your supplement with the wrong foods can lead to a drop in absorption.

But AstraGin can reduce that drop, sometimes by a very drastic amount. If your supplement contains amino acids, vitamins, or glucosamine (all of which are important for taking your workouts to the next level and maximizing muscle gains) and also throws AstraGin into the mix, it can boost your body's ability to absorb the active ingredients of your supplement by anywhere from 42%-66.7%. And that's a pretty big increase!

Problems with Non-AstraGin Supplements

If you aren't currently using Ultra Edge XL, then let us start by saying that we'd love for you to give it a try. But if you still aren't convinced yet, we understand. Just hear us out on one more topic of the conversation: the problems you'll experience with non-AstraGin supplements.

Most likely, your supplement either simply won't contain enough active ingredients to be effective, or the manufacturer will have to pack more raw ingredients into their formula. And while most people believe that more is better, that isn't the case with human nutrition. Human nutrition is all about balance. And if you disrupt that balance by swallowing a handful of supplement capsules three times a day because your inferior supplement has overloaded their formula, then you could be at best sabotaging your workouts - or at worst, causing yourself serious health problems.

But Ultra Edge XL is designed with science in mind, specifically to avoid those problems. That's why we've carefully calculated how much of each amino acid and vitamin we put in every capsule of Growth Formula. That's why our formula contains AstraGin, to make sure that your body gets as much of those needed compounds as it can safely handle. And that's why Ultra Edge XL is so superior to most of the other muscle-building supplements in the market today.