Free vs. Total Testosterone - Can Ultra Edge XL Make the Difference?

Even the newest lifters in the gym are aware of one simple fact: more testosterone equals more muscle. And whatever you can do to increase your testosterone levels, the quicker and sicker your gains will be. But what sort of testosterone should you be focusing on? Are all forms of testosterone created equal? Are you possibly sabotaging yourself by accidentally reducing testosterone? We have answers to these questions - and more - right here in this article.

Which Form of Testosterone Helps You Build Muscle?

Floating around in your blood right now are two forms of this muscle-building molecule: free testosterone, and bound testosterone. Bound testosterone is, basically, useless when it comes to building muscle (unless you can find a way to release it, that is). The remaining testosterone, often called "free" testosterone, is called that because it is free to bind to muscle receptors and tell that muscle "hey, bro, I'm here to help you grow".

Sadly, only about 2% of the testosterone in your blood is free to bind with muscle tissue. So how do you unlock the bound testosterone and maximize your gains? Well, you have to decrease the amount of the binding chemical, SHBG, which is also in your bloodstream. But sometimes, that's easier said than done.

How to Reduce SHBG

SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) is super-clingy. If it is present in your bloodstream, it won't be by itself for long - it'll cling to the first testosterone molecule it can get its hands on. Therefore, it's not about freeing the testosterone, necessarily; it's about lowering the amount of SHBG in your system before those levels get out of control.

Magnesium, fish oil, and even boron are all great for lowering SHBG and raising your natural levels of free-T. Vitamin D is also proven to be good for raising your testosterone levels, resulting in more free-T by default. Next, you're going to want to do what you can to raise your levels of not just human growth hormone, but also IGF-1. Having these hormones present in your bloodstream will lower SHBG levels.

Also, you should try to avoid some very specific things, like alcohol. Alcohol is notorious for raising your estrogen levels, and binge drinking especially takes this estrogen-producing process to a whole new level. Lastly, there is some evidence which shows that eating a strict low-carb diet could be partially responsible for both lowering free-T while also raising estrogen.

The Real Secret: Ultra Edge XL

But let's be real: trying to incorporate everything we just described is either really complicated, or no fun (seriously, no drinking?). But with Ultra Edge XL, you don't have to worry about all of that maintenance. Ultra Edge XL effortlessly raises your levels of Growth Hormone and IGF-1, which are the most responsible for lowering your total amount of SHBG. So get ready to get that clingy globulin out of your bloodstream and raise your free-T with Ultra Edge XL.