Improve Your Gains in Three Different Ways with Glycine

Amino acids are fun little molecules which help your body rebuild tissue and carry out basic metabolic processes. Today, we're featuring another important branched chain amino acid - glycine - which should be a part of your bodybuilding supplement stack if it isn't already. If you're eager to learn why this little molecule must be a part of your daily routine, keep on reading for all the details.

Enhanced Muscle Repair & Recovery

You've probably heard of creatine, right? If you're serious about your bodybuilding goals, you've probably taken some of it already today. The body needs creatine in order to help feed exhausted muscles, repair muscle tissue, and helps your muscles grow back larger and stronger after your intense workouts. However, the body's natural synthesis of creatine can't happen if you aren't also getting enough glycine into your system.

But glycine does more than just help your body with creatine synthesis. It goes above and beyond, protecting your muscles on a cellular level and helping to preserve those tissues even as you age. Muscular atrophy becomes a bigger problem the older you get. So if you want to make sure that the funeral home needs to order you an extra-large coffin once your ticket gets punched, you need a good glycine supplement in your diet.

Stronger Connective Tissues

Strong connective tissues go hand-in-hand with building large, strong muscles. Without strengthening them, you're going to be at risk for serious injuries which could keep you out of the gym for weeks at a time. But if you want your body to build strong connective tissue, then you need to consume the amino acids which are required for collagen synthesis. And Glycine is definitely one of the more important ones in this process.

Oh, and ladies: collagen is important for creating smooth, tone, cellulite- and wrinkle-free skin. So getting more glycine can benefit you as well!

Getting Your Mind Right

Glycine also plays a major role in brain health. And just because the brain isn't a muscle you can make bigger by lifting doesn't mean you should neglect it. As a matter of fact, having a healthy brain and getting enough REM sleep is essential for maximizing your gains. REM sleep is the point in your sleep cycle where your body repairs itself; so having poor brain health from a glycine deficiency could result in longer recovery time and drastically smaller gains.

How does glycine do this? By regulating your electrolytes, that's how. Glycine is responsible for balancing the calcium, chloride, and potassium that your neurons need in order to function properly. And when your nerves misfire, it can lead to a whole bunch of problems ranging from poor sleep to low energy levels. These problems can make it difficult if not impossible to get the most out of your workouts.

So how do you get the most out of your glycine? It's easy: try Ultra Edge XL. It contains glycine, as well as a whole bunch of other aminos that you need to become the alpha of your local gym. So stop missing out on serious gains and order a bottle today.