Explaining the "How" Behind Ultra Edge XL

You can harness the power of Ultra Edge XL to pump up your workouts with:

  • Super fast muscle growth and strength enhancement

  • Drastically reduced post workout recovery times

The amino acid profile in Ultra Edge XL contains some of the best BCAAs that money can buy. Ultra Edge XL contains L-arginine to help boost your nitric oxide levels. This dilates your blood vessels and forces massive amounts of muscle building proteins directly into them. L-arginine also helps your body metabolize glucose better, which gives you the energy you need to power through the most difficult workouts in the gym.

With Ultra Edge XL, you can look forward to some of the most scientifically proven effective ingredients to help you grow pounds of lean muscle extremely fast. Best of all, it doesn't contain steroids! It's perfectly safe and natural.

Boost Your Bedroom Performance With Ultra Edge XL

Every muscle in your body - every single one - will get bigger in strength, density, and size thanks to Ultra Edge XL. Believe it or not, this also helps make your erections bigger and stronger, too! The quality of your love torpedo is directly controlled by your pelvic muscles. The stronger and more well-developed those muscles are, the bigger, harder, and longer-lasting your erections will be. And you don't even have to do any extra work to achieve this!

You'll stop worrying whether or not you're appealing to the opposite sex. With your new chiseled body and rock hard manhood, you'll have to beat the ladies off with a stick!

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  • Irresistible, sexy confidence

  • Dominant performance in the bedroom

  • Be more successful in the gym, the bedroom, and life

  • Unleash your Inner Alpha Male

We know it seems unbelievable - but it's true! Getting rid of your insecurities and getting lucky with women is easier than you think. Ultra Edge XL helps you release your inner pornstar to drive women wild between the sheets.

Ultra Edge XL & Muscle Growth
Muscle Growth With Ultra Edge XL

For the dedicated bodybuilder who needs that extra edge in the gym, Ultra Edge XL is your best friend. You'll have more intense workouts, build tons of lean muscle, and take your performance in the gym to the next level. Your muscles will get stronger, you'll be recovering more quickly, and pretty soon, you'll be cutting off the sleeves of all your shirts because they won't fit your muscles!

Other workout supplements have tried to come close to the proprietary formula that Ultra Edge XL has to offer. And they've all failed. Once you experience what Ultra Edge XL has to offer, you'll never want to hit the gym without it.

L-Arginine: Ultra Edge XL's Secret Weapon

You'll get a massive pump in the gym, and an even more insane pump in the bedroom thanks to the male enhancement benefits of our main ingredient, l-arginine. Vasodilators like this powerful amino acid don't just work on sending blood to your muscles - they also dilate the blood vessels in your penis, too. So when you get hot and bothered, your manhood will get bigger and harder, too. Between a harder, larger member, enhanced stamina, and stronger pelvic muscles, you'll be able to rock her world all night long.