The Importance of Arginine for Muscle Growth

So you've been working hard at the gym lately, but you aren't making the gains that you think you should be. There are lots of different reasons why your muscular gains might not be happening as quickly or as dramatically as your training regimen says they should be. Today, we're going to cover one of those reasons: a lack of L-Arginine in your supplement regimen.

L-Arginine is a very important amino acid that performs many essential tasks in the human body. And if you don't have it in your nutritional profile, it could very well be the reason why you aren't making the gains that you should be. Below, we'll explain exactly why Arginine is so important for the body, why it's important for training, and how it can help you sculpt the physique you can take pride in every time you look in the mirror. For more information on this bodybuilder-friendly amino acid, just keep reading.

The Gain-Friendly Effect of L-Arginine

Arginine is one of the best amino acids you can take if your fitness goals are to build lean muscle. For starters, did you know that it's a vasodilator? Yep! That means that it delivers oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood straight to your muscles both during and after an intense workout. And this is really helpful for helping your muscles both power through your intense workouts and repairing themselves while you rest and recover. And if your muscles can rest and recover more efficiently, then they can grow bigger and stronger - and do so much faster - than they would without the help of L-Arginine.

If you're no stranger to this website, then you've probably read about all the wonderful things that Nitric Oxide can do for your bodybuilding journey. For starters, you need arginine in your system if you want your body to produce as much Nitric Oxide (NO for short) as possible. NO also helps dilate your blood vessels and encourages blood flow to where you need it most: your hard-working muscles. Not only will this deliver more blood flow and nutrients to your muscles, but it will help you achieve the famous "pump" that all serious bodybuilders strive for. You know what we mean - that moment during your workout when the muscle (or muscles) you're working get big, swollen, and saturated with blood. And you aren't going to be able to achieve any of these goals without a good, high-quality L-arginine supplement.

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