Serious Bodybuilders ALWAYS Do This

Looking to start making gains for the first time? Struggling to find a muscle-building strategy that works for you? Or are you just looking to add a little freshness to your workout in order to avoid a plateau? Regardless, you'll want to continue reading the big secrets that serious bodybuilders use to max out their muscle-building potential with every trip to the gym!

Serious Bodybuilder Strategy #1: Hit that Pump Early, and Hit it HARD!

You may have heard of this strategy before using the much more pretentious (and much less alpha) phrase "pre-fatiguing". Basically, you skip the ineffective warm-up and get straight to pumping as much blood into your MGotD (your "Muscle Group(s) of the Day") as quickly as possible.

How do serious bodybuilders accomplish this task? For starters, isolate your chosen muscle groups with heavy weight and low-to-medium amount of reps. Pro lifters often don't even have to count their number of reps. They simply pick an exercise, load up with a good amount of weight, and do as many reps as it takes to engorge their muscles with blood. Once you have a good, strong pump going, your muscles are primed for maximum performance.

Strategy #2: Real Men Define Their Own Rep Range

Only slightly less annoying (and potentially disastrous for your gains) than the Form Police are the Rep Police. You know, those guys at the gym or in the locker room condescendingly using their sports nutrition degree to tell you exactly how many reps you should do, and exactly how you should do them - and how if you don't follow their advice to the letter, you're sabotaging your own gains.

The thing is, every human body is a little bit different. The best way to make sure you're maximizing your muscle-building potential is to perform sets to failure, and you can't do that based on someone else's rep experience. By selling yourself short and stopping you set early, you could be robbing your muscles of the pump they need to grow.

Strategy #3: Improving Upon Mother Nature

So you have the perfect meal plan with a Golden Macronutrient profile. You've perfected the art of achieving that glorious muscle-pump during every workout. But you're still not going to get the results you want unless you have a good muscle-building supplement stack in your regimen.

Anything that increases Nitric Oxide levels in your blood is a great start. This helps dilate blood vessels, and gives you that extra hard pump you need to really beef up your gains. You're also going to want a formula that gives you all of the necessary amino acids for your muscles to rebuild themselves stronger and bigger after each workout. Lastly, your stack should include all of the necessary nutritional components for increasing levels of HGH and Testosterone, because your diet alone might not be enough to max your hormone levels for optimum muscle growth.

All the experts we've talked to agree that Ultra Edge XL is one of the most popular muscle-building supplements among serious bodybuilders. It contains everything they need to get that perfect pump and craft that ultimate physique.